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The Process
Prior to the job starting we order Bluestake (

Once the bluestake markings are complete we will remove the existing wood fence, dig and pour the new footing, including installing horizontal rebar in the footing and vertical rebar where specified.

On the average 150 foot residential job, we start at 7 am and are completely done with the footings by noon.

The following day our skilled masons typically take 8 hours to install a new 6’ high block fence, adding security and privacy to your back yard.

Call 480-838-2870 or complete our on-line quote request.
We can easily pull up an aerial webview of your property, view access and get some measurements. From which, either via phone or email, we can let you know approximately what your project will cost.
Once you are ready to move forward, we will meet at the property, confirm measurements and sign a contract
Some cities, such as Phoenix, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, County Islands, Queen Creek & Litchfield Park, require permits. This process can take as little as a day or two, to as long as 2 weeks. We can either obtain the permit for you, or you may obtain it on your own.
Sunset Fence, Inc. will then order Blue Stake. A free service through which will come out and mark the underground utilities ( electric, gas, communication - cable & phone, water and sewer).
Once the bluestake markings are complete, Sunset Fence, Inc. will remove the existing fence (if needed) and dig and pour the new footing. The Footing is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your block fence construction. A Faulty Footing will cause your fence to crack;
Depending on the footing size, we will either use a Ditch Witch (pictured) or a backhoe. The footing depth at the columns will be a minimum of 28” deep. Some cities, such as Scottsdale require the footing depth to be up to 48” deep.
Once the footing is complete, the concrete truck is called in. (We DO NOT hand mix any concrete. There is no guarantee of strength with hand mixing, and the consistency is not accurate.) The entire batch of concrete must be poured w/in 1.5 hours of being made (Inspectors will often check when the concrete batch was made). We complete the footing pour in one continuous pour, preventing any “cold joints.”
Horizontal rebar is laid in the center of the new footing
6’ to 9’ vertical rebar #4 Grade 60 is then placed in all the columns, double verts in the gate columns
7.   Once the footing is cured, typically only 24 hours, we come back the following day to construct the new block fence. The average 150’ block fence is constructed in just a day.
The first course is the most important & must be laid straight and level. This sets the course for the rest of the fence.
9 ga Horizontal Ladder Wire is then installed every horizontally every 16”
The Columns are grouted solid and additional rebar is added so that there is continuous rebar in the columns all the way to the top of the fence.
The joints are struck and the top course is always a solid top with both vertical and horizontal head joints.
The job is then cleaned up & soil is raked on both sides.
8.   Once the block wall is complete, we can order custom gates for our customers. We offer our Traditional Series, Pro Series and Select Series. 
The Ditch Witch Digging the Footing
Measuring Measuring ... twice
Concrete Truck Pouring the Concrete
Horizontal Rebar Pouring the Footing
Veritcal Rebar Installing the 1st Course
Building the Columns Constructing the Fence
Construction Almost Done Completed Fence with Gate
The Ditch Witch
Digging the Footing
Measuring ... twice
Bringing in the Concrete
Horizontal Rebar
Pooring the Footing
Vertical Rebar
Installing the 1st Course
Building the Columns
Constructing the Fence
Almost Done
The Completed Fence with Gate
Photos Courtesy of Photographer M. Mahar
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